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The Tell: Big-name investors are back putting more ‘junk’ in their funds, despite the carnage in bonds

A booming corner of Wall Street is back adding high-yield, or 'junk bonds,' to funds that specialize in risky corporate debt, according to BofA...

The Wall Street Journal: Klarna to raise new funds at slashed $6.5 billion valuation

Klarna Bank AB is nearing a deal to raise new money at a valuation of around $6.5 billion, according to people familiar with the matter,...

Outside the Box: Say good-bye to the Power 5; it’s now all Big Ten and SEC

As USC and UCLA dump the Pac-12, it underscores how the NCAA is incapable of governing the college sports system. 

The Wall Street Journal: West Coast port labor talks enter new, high-stakes phase with contract expiring

Labor talks between West Coast dockworkers, cargo-handling companies and container shipping lines are entering a new, high-stakes phase with the expiration of the contract...

Weekend Sip: Review: Honor the Fourth of July with a bottle celebrating American patriot Hercules Mulligan

The Hercules Mulligan bottled cocktail is a tribute to a Revolutionary War figure (and Hamilton pal)

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